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Mild Steel C Channel

Mild steel is a material that is popular in the world of construction, which is called as a substitute for wood material which is now increasingly difficult to find and the price is increasingly expensive. Mild steel has a carbon steel base material with the amount of carbon ranging from 0.05% - 0.25% of its weight. The low amount of carbon is called low carbon steel. While the carbon content from 0.30% -2.0% is referred to as high carbon steel. Low carbon indicates that mild steel is capable of producing less tensile strength compared to high carbon steel. The forms of mild steel vary and have their respective uses.
One form of mild steel is channel C. Channel C has a shape that corresponds to the letter C and its size is distinguished according to the size of its thickness. The size of the thickness of the form of mild steel channel C is generally 0.60 mm, 0.75mm and 1 mm. Various thickness sizes are used for different things. For example, the form of 0.75mm C channel light steel. In general, C channels with a size of 0.75 mm are used to manufacture easel on a roof with a light load. For example, metal tile, asbestos, spandek and other lightweight roofs. C 75 / 0.75 can also be used for ceiling mounts, coordinates, building profile columns and wall and window partitions.
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