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Wiremesh Iron

Iron Wiremesh is iron with a wire-like shape and woven into sheets. In Indonesia Wiremesh is better known as wire or woven iron. This is because the shape is like a wire or iron woven.
The types of iron wiremesh are 2 types, namely:
- In the form of sheets. The standard size is 2.1 meters x 5.4 meters.
- In the form of rolls or roll. The size is 2.1 meters wide and can reach 54 meters in length.
The smallest size of iron wire diameter is 4 and the biggest is 10. Usually the mention of the diameter of iron iron M4, M5 and so on.
What are the uses of iron wiremesh?
Wiremesh is widely used for reinforcement or reinforcement in casting, such as for road and floor casting. Usually for sizes M8, M9, M10 is used for multi-storey buildings. while for houses can use sizes M4, M5, M6.
In addition to reinforcing concrete, this material can also be used for gabion wire, reinforcement, and steps.
A good wiremesh iron is the manufacturing process using an automatic welding system. So the distance between wires is always the same and uniform. Similarly, cross sections are also always consistent. So that the wire on iron wire will never be reduced and all arrangements are always in their respective positions.
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