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Roof Of Onduline And Onduvila

Onduline roof is one type of roof that can be selected as a house cover, Atap Onduline is a roof that has many color variations such as brick red, moss green, brown and black. The installation is easy, almost the same as the zinc roof.
This roof structure is usually made of wood, concrete, or mild steel. This roof is a wavy shape in the form of sheets and made from a mixture of natural fibers and asphalt. In addition to its light weight, Roof Onuline is also strong and not easily broken because it contains asphalt and cellulose fibers (Wood or Pulp). The structure of the onduline base material is processed by pressing and high heating so that the roof of this type is more flexible, strong, and not easily broken. In order not to be slippery, the surface is given a resin layer and textured which functions as a leak prevention and seepage of water that emerges from the roof body.
The advantages of using Onduline Roof:
- Onduline roof is lighter than other types of roof or tile.
- Not easily broken. Even though it is lighter, the Onduline Roof turns out to be stronger   and more resistant to breaking.
- Able to muffle sound. Rain that drops or heavy will not disturb the hearing of residents.
- Has many color variations. For example red, brown, green, and black.
- Supple, easily shaped and adapted to the shape of the house ...
- The Onduline roof is strong and resistant to wind pressure.
- Durable.
- More waterproof.
The Onduline roof has a corrugated structure which is at the same time an air channel which reduces condensation. The tile structure is also waterproof. So, there's nothing wrong if you choose the type of Onduline Roof to add to your beauty.
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